Past OpOrds

Prison Break!

by 2Lt. Hellcat. Mission date Friday 12th July 2024, 19:00 GMT


The Russians have invaded Livonia. The Livonians are fighting back but they lack the numbers. TFA have been operating covertly in the country, but due to an intelligence leak we have been captured and are being held prisoner in a camp.

To prevent the political problems of TFA being used for propaganda, the Livonians are set to execute a prison breakout. They are unable to assist our flight to freedom once we are out as they cannot spare the resources. We will be on our own.


  1. Get to the exfil points.
  2. If you make it to the exfil you will given supplies and transport to assist the extraction of other escapees.

Ground Topography: Eastern European forests and flatlands.

Weather: Changeable.

TFA Equipment: None. You will need to scavenge.

Required Roles: Roles have no meaning in this.

Comms: None. Radios may be found. Use 100 as the emergency frequency to contact other escapees.

Respawn: Where you died. You will get 60secs of “God Mode” to get your ass to safety.

Enemy Forces

Russian. Full complement of troop, armour and air.

Friendly Forces

Livonian Defence Force.

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