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Scavenger Hunt

by Sgt. Ray. Mission date Tuesday 9th July 2024, 19:00 GMT


This mission is for fun only! There is no backstory or suspenseful intel, just TFA, 10 crates of MREs and a two hour time limit to find, secure and transport these crates to the exfil point. A crate will be at mission start for visual familiarization.

The platoons have their own areas to search, so no OC is needed for this mission.

There are 5 red and 5 blue areas where the crates are located. Your adversary, the Ardistan Army is going to try and stop you from taking their food. They will be confined to the general location (blue and red shaded areas) and will be getting more intense as you progress from areas 1-5.

Mission: After briefing, utilize the platoon flags to transport to the platoon starting point. There you will find the respawn vic and 2 HMMWVs with M240s mounted. There is no set way to search for these crates. You can search in sequence, or out of sequence. It’s up to the PLs. However, you must end your search at your respective #5 area where you will load an Mi-8 (one at each #5 point) with crates and team members to fly to the exfil point.

There are clues that will be given to the PLs prior to mission to try and help narrow down the crates location at each locale.

So in essence go to a shaded area, fight the “baddie-waddies’, find the crates and load them into your vehicles. At area #5, locate last crate, load all crates onto the helo and fly to exfil point, There you will unload all the crates and place them off to the side.

This will constitute mission complete. If time remains, get ready for an assault on the exfil site.

All weapons are 7.62mm so you have plenty of power. Nez will be assisting me as a Zeus to better provide interactions with the platoons.


Useful information

All vics are ACE interactable arsenals. Each vics has a toolkit as well in the vic’s inventory.

Mine threats? NO

Civilians? NO

Armor? Maybe

Air Threats? >50% chance

Inter-platoon rivalry? You betcha!

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